RJSPhotography has traveled throughout North America to capture and create fine art landscape photography.  Inspired by Ansel Adams, this photography displays attention to detail, the use of light and, most importantly, being there in the moment.  Enjoy strolling through my gallery below.  Then, view additional images in my portfolios.


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VIP Photographer for the Cuyahoga Valley National Park

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    About Fine Art Landscape Photography

    The most important element of creating beautiful, lasting landscape photography is not the equipment you use.  It is not the lenses or the camera bodies.  It is not the post production techniques you employ. 

    The most important element is to make the effort of being anywhere and everywhere you can find beauty that surrounds you in this world.  Then, stop and stare before and after you engage the shutter.

    Ansel Adams had the luxury of being employed to be an adventurous seeker of incredible images of the land, the lakes, the mountains and the skies. He had the time to stop and look around him. He had the talent of capturing what he saw and converting into photographic prints to share. He challenged himself to overcome the difficult weather conditions. He found ways to travel to where he wanted to and needed to be.

    It is because of photographers like Ansel Adams and the generations of professional and everyday photographers who were his contemporaries and those who followed him, that all people from around the world can share and cherish all of the incredible miracles of nature we are fortunate to have in our lives.